Vivien Leigh born Vivian Mary Hartley 5th November 1913

“I was born in one of the most romantic places in the world – Darjeeling”

Never has there been a more beautiful movie star, though ‘Vivling’ would have hated me calling her beautiful or a movie star.


“I want to be a great Actress of the Theatre”

She achieved that in Caesar and Cleopatra, The skin of our teeth, A streetcar named desire amongst others, but of course Theatre is so ephemeral because, unless you were there…

Gone with the Wind, Waterloo Bridge, Lady Hamilton, A Streetcar named Desire. Her Movies will last forever.

“Her friends and her friendships were as important in her life as almost anything else, except her real loves. John Merivale

“When she was good, she was very, very good, but when she was bad she was awful” Maxine Audley

“I never thought of Vivien as a fabulous star. Vivien never acted as tho she was.” Lucinda Ballard Dietz

“She was a star in the real meaning of the word, in that she spread light on everybody.” Peter Wyngard

God bless you Vivien Leigh. A great star and a great actress!

© Copyright  Karen Lynne Foreman


Errol Flynn – “A colourful fragment in a drab world”


Why does the world need a new Errol Flynn play?

“A colourful fragment in a drab world” – is a famous quote from the great movie star Errol Flynn. How true! He really lit up the screen and lit up my life from a very early age.

My Dad was a big fan having loved Robin Hood – and he wanted to be Robin Hood as a child. My Mam didn’t like him so much – because she felt you could never trust him. She preferred Ronald Coleman and Lesley Howard. When I pointed out to her that Lesley Howard was one of the biggest womanisers in Hollywood she relented…a bit!

So back to Errol: Everything but everything has been said and written about him. The worst being that he was a Nazi. Well that has been refuted by Tony Thomas in his book: “The Spy who never was”. The academic Lincoln D Hurst also studied all the same sources as his detractor and comprehensively rubbished the notion – I was privileged to have sight of Lincoln’s conclusions and it is sad that he died before his great book on Errol was published and remains unpublished although it is still pending on Amazon!

Then there were the people who actually knew him personally very well, his friend and stuntman Buster Wiles,  who wrote: “My days with Errol Flynn” – and Myrna Loy amongst others. As Myrna said:

“Errol Flynn a spy… ridiculous, he was never sober long enough!”

Errol was actually very anti Nazi, and if you bother to read the books (I have over 22 now and counting!) you will see that he hated anyone in authority and spent his life sticking up for the underdog. Plus he was a great lover of Freedom and Liberty and sought it all his life.

The person who wrote these ridiculous accusations wanted to make money, wanted Fame for himself  – unfortunately he’s not the only one – and what better way to do that than to write a salacious and damning book about Errol using very selective research to “prove his case”, an easy target methinks.

Errol’s children took this man to court and lost, because basically you can say what you like about the dead, and get away with it, because they can’t talk back. Well I can and will and hopefully have done in my Play:  I hope my Play gives an audience the chance to see the complex and flawed man who questioned everything – the Man his intimates knew: Errol the great lover of Books, Poetry, Philosophy, a great lover of Paintings, a great lover of Sailing, of Animals, of Life. I could go on… but that’s for the Play!

I’ll leave the last words to Errol the Writer, Errol the Movie star, Errol the Man,  the Man that I have loved all my life:

“I have no desire to excel others – to win an Academy Award, for example. I merely desire to be creative, to leave the world something I have created, whether it be a book, a motion picture, a painting or whatever – that will add to it’s beauty, knowledge, understanding. Most of all, however, in the years to come, I desire to achieve freedom – to do what I like, to go where I like, with whom I like; to choose my own friends; to avoid pretense; to maintain my integrity both as a man and an actor.”

Karen Lynne Foreman © Copyright 2013



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